installation of toolkit & basis libraries
level: newbie
date: 24.10.2006 00:57
author: elektranox

First of all you have to install the needed packages for building the toolchain. In Debian and Ubuntu you can do this by executing:
apt-get install build-essential
Then you have to download the toolchain and the basis libraries. Just click on toolchain in the menu to find the needed files. The files are an tar.bz2 archive, like every file on this webside. Open an terminal, change dir to the directory, where the files are saved and execute the following to unpack the packages:
tar xfvj toolchain.tar.bz2 tar xfvj basis_libraries.tar.bz2
Now switch the directory to toolchain and execute the following commands to define the location of the toolchain. You should add them to your .bashrc in your Home directory, too, to avoid executing them before every using of the toolchain.
export GP2XDEV="/usr/local/gp2xdev" export PATH="$PATH:$GP2XDEV/bin"
Now you have to make sure, that the directory exists and you have acces to them. You can do this with the following comand, if you change username with your name:
sudo mkdir $GP2XDEV sudo chown username:username $GP2XDEV
To install the toolchain you have to execute the following:
You'r system will compile depending on the power the packages for 1-2 hours. I advice you to switch your display off and go eating or something similar, because your CPU will be used to 100%. Now you can change back the directory to your packages and switch to the dir libs:
cd ../libs
If you haven't got installed the package libtool, you should do so now. There are different ways to install it. For beginners I advice Synaptic or Yast. Now you can compile the libraries, too:
Your toolchain is ready to use. Look at it in /usr/local/gp2xdev!